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Mantra Podcasts

Mantras are phrases or verses that can be repeted as wallpaper for the mind, a soothing background white noise to tune out other less harmonious thoughts. When sounded out loud the mouth and face take on a happy-smile muscle use that feeds the happy-smile chemicals in the brain, increasing a feelgood mood... well that is my theory anyway.
I am sorry that there is a high pitched sound on my recordings, it is a feature of the Acer Travelmate 5730 computer that I use... suggestions as to how to correct that, and increase the sound level... much apprectiaed... sigh

Ajapa Japa is the natural mantra of the body as it breaths. The ancient teachers heard the sound of the breath as 'Ham-so' inhale-exhale... or if you want to focus on the enhale 'So-ham'


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