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Basic ingredients; - roughly
200 gm Chick peas
200 gm Tahini
2 Lemons, juice of and grate or pare some of the skin to add some zest; if using a squeese bottle of lemon juice use about 100ml, as in, a lot more than you would think
Olive oil to make fluid enough to blend
Garlic to taste
Blend them all together and there you are. 
If you are using tinned chick peas there is probably more than enough salt. If you have cooked your own you may want to add salt or seaweed
Ground cummin seeds are also very nice in Hummus

If it looks like peanut butter... you have been too restrained with the lemon squeeze bottle; the lemon emulsifies the oils and gives the smooth texture you expect. 

Quantities can vary a lot depending on what is available and the results are, of course different.
Possible variations include;-
Sun dried tomatoes or tomato concentrate
Chillie paste / Harissa sauce
Fresh Basil
Fresh Coriander

Sometimes I find I have no lemon and have used Balsamic vinegar or cider vinegar even Bar berries which I get in a local Asian supermarket (John swears they are making his hair return to black, but no it is still silver)

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