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Ceramics exhibition 08

“Fit for Service” 
Exhibition of recent bowls
Adrienne Crowe
5 - 8 April 2008








  M 086 870 7282, 15 Heytesbury Street, Dublin 8 (map)

What they said...

I wanted to tell you I read your brochure and found it inspiring, it 
is so genuinely honest, poetic and beautiful! No marketing formulas 
here just your heart talking, it is a rare thing in a brochure these 
days and it's great to see there are other ways to function in this 
so oftentimes very superficial and artificial world. And your work is 
truly special and beautiful!!
I am so happy every morning to get up and take your bowl to the table 
and look at all the nuances in colour and feel the varying textures.
Thank you

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