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Gluten Free and egg free
Instead of eggs this recipe uses Chia seeds – I found some in ‘Down to Earth’ in Dublin – very expensive but worth the cost.
1 tblsp Chia seeds soaked in 250ml water to form a gelatinous pulp
100gms white sugar
100gms muscovado sugar
120gms vegetable oil
240 ml milk or Soya milk
125gms maize flour
125gms rice flour
125gms Soya flour
4 tsp baking powder
Mix the seed-pulp, sugars, oil and milk together.
Add the flours into the mix.
Beat well together.
Fill muffin cases or bake in a loaf tin for about 25 mins or until firm to the touch
Bake at gas mark 6, 200C, 400F
Try crunchy Peanut Butter instead of oil for Peanut Muffins
Try using Okara instead of Soya flour – Okara is the by product from making Soya milk – just make sure to adjust the milk ratio depending on how sloppy the Okara is.
Try adding other great foods such as cranberries or chocolate etc.



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