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Castor Oil Pack

Castor Oil Pack
Method; -

  • Pour a little castor oil on each of four rags of towelling that are about the size of the palm of the hand.
  • Place these on the belly between the navel and the groins.
  • Cover with cling film so that the clothing is protected from the oil (it does not wash out easily).
  • Place a covered hot water bottle on top.
  • Wrap up in a quilt and rest, lying on the back for at least half an hour.

The pack can then be invested with all your negative energy and ritually disposed of or burnt; or if there is no sense of negativity, we think it can be used again. We have tried using paper towel with no apparent adverse effect.. 
Castor oil is the thickest, most viscous of the vegetable oils. Using it in this way gives deep heat into the abdomen, which is deeply relaxing and restorative. The method can be used for IBS, sleeplessness, anxiety…. basically any condition that would benefit from deep relaxation.
References; -
Dr. Christiane Northrup  in "Women’s Bodies Women’s’ Wisdom" speaks of the process bringing up deeply held psychological issues and recommends the use of castor oils packs for many women’s health conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids and PMT.

From a web site;
“It is safe for reducing irritation of the skin and alleviating swelling & pain also to soften dry & coarse household skin. Castor oil massaged over the body, before bath, keeps the skin healthy & imparts sound sleep. Such oil over may be taken once in a week. Applying castor oil over hand & feet before going to sleep keeps them soft. Applying similarly over eyebrows & eye lashes keep them well groomed.” This and other information on how to use castor oil can be found at this site.

From the readings of Edgar Cayce; -
"The effect of these oil packs is to enliven, through the activity of the absorption through the perspiratory system, the activities in such natures and measures as to produce a greater quantity (than at present) and a superficial activity of the lymph circulation; hence setting up drainages to such measures that the poisons will be eliminated from the system..." [Reading #631-4]
"Be well to put oil paper or cloth over the Packs, for we should have great quantities of the Oil. Do not make them TOO hot, but so as to at least drive them into the body. It is well to put these on and then apply external heat; as the electric pad or salt bags or the like. DRY heat, though, rather than wet heat." [Reading #1312-3] 

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