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Peanut Curry

200 gm raw peanuts – grind or chop
Onion chopped
Tomatoes fresh / puree / tinned / dried
100 gm Coconut cream 
2 tsp coriander seeds ground
1 tsp turmeric ground
Root ginger chopped to taste
Garlic to taste
Chillies red or green to taste
Olive oil to fry onion
Dilsk / Gomasio / salt to taste
Chopped fresh Coriander if available
Always a bit vague on quantities depending on what is available – it is always edible…
Fry the onions gently until soft ( I use very little oil), raise the heat add the spices, ginger, garlic and chillies and sizzle until they are about to stick.
Toss in the tomatoes and add water as required to make a sauce
Stir in ground peanuts, coconut cream, Dilsk add more water to make a thick sauce and leave to simmer for about 30 minutes. It may need more water as the nuts absorb a lot.
Stir in the chopped coriander near the end.
One of those great dishes that improves with keeping to the next day.
I have often been asked if I use Peanut butter. I don’t and have never been tempted to do so. Ground peanuts are not as oily as peanut butter.
Mysterious I have no answer for why ground sesame seeds or peanuts are not as oily as their industrial equivalents… please tell me someone?
Bright idea
Peel a large batch of onions, the outer skins an be discarded immediately for compost, but make a stock from the inner skins before discarding by bringing very slowly to the boil over a low heat do not over boil or the stock will become bitter and too dark. The stock can be used in soups or stews.
Cook the chopped onions gently in a little olive oil and keep in a fridge box until needed.
The advantage is that the sad-story-bit of onion prep is over with in one sitting; it is the fiddly irritating bit of cooking and I do like to get it out of the way.
Bright idea
Peel a load of garlic bulbs, maybe 6, as a meditation or while listening to a good radio play; blend with olive oil and store in small wider necked bottles in the freezer.
Make a stock from the skins by bringing very slowly to the boil over a low heat.
I have been told that the bottled will break in the freezer as the contents expand. This has never happened I expect it is because the medium is oil not water.
Bright idea
Scrub about half a kilo of ginger root, peel as a meditation and make a stock from the peel or be really lazy and don’t bother…
Slice / grate the ginger very finely and pack in many little cling film packets, store in reused margarine tubs in the freezer until needed.

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