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IYA Residential 09

Adrienne facilitated two Antar Mouna Inner Silence meditation sessions and one workshop on Granti Psychic Knots and inversion poses, overcomeing fear at the IYA Residential 2009 . Also her jalaneti pots were available on the stall.
For info on her regular classes on inverted postures

"Such a sense of expansion - I really got a sense of my energy body - I felt as big as the universe, spacious, free from gravity."

"That way of feeling the bandhas as energy valves totally worked for me - I felt like I was just hanging there in space - I could have stayed there for forever."

"I can not believe that I was able to sit so still for so long - please send me the instructions as to how to get into meditation like that - I felt so still, so peaceful."

"I completely overcame my fear of headstand. Now I understand what work I need to do in the core when upsidedown, to get there again."

"When I kicked up, just a bunny hop as you said, no sense of trying to 'get there' - suddenly I found myslef balanced on my forarms and able to stay there. I was an incredible feeling, no effort, no one struggling to get me into it."

"It was astonishing to feel my own energy lift me into the poses, effortlessly."

"That was an experience. I have never done Yoga before - while I have done lots of exercise programs, I never experienced my own energy like that."

"Can you send me that warm up - my back became so loose and free from tension."

"I am really glad I tried your class. I had hurt my neck in the past - but now I feel ready to build inner strength, to work with the energy valves especially inverted uddiyana. I will do it."

"I'm glad I tried Netti again with your pot. I have never got it to work for me before but that time it really flowed for me. The other pots I have tried are either too small, there is not enough in them to flow or the nozzle does not seal properly around my nose."


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