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What clients have said about treatments with Adrienne

"It was truly a pleasure meeting you yesterday. The treatment you gave me was amazing, never have I experienced such a profound effect in one hour. I walked out half a sleep, with a heavy and relaxed body. Feeling unbelievably calm and peaceful. I will definitely be enlisting in future treatments."

"Immediately I feel lighter and freer - and I always make good decisions afterwards. One treatment a month gives me a great chance clear my mind and refocus."

"This has been my second course of treatments - both times I have made radical changes in my life during the course, and every one has been a necessary and good decision. The support has been so nurturing and profound. Thank you."

"I came in stuck in a prolonged panic attack - somewhere during the treatment it dissolved. Thank you for seeing me so immediatly. Now I can breathe."

"The chronic tiredness is gradually leaving me and I am making good modifications to my life style. Thank you for your insights."

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