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MS testimonial

  My Yoga experience and how it has helped me in my everyday life. 
I have had Multiple Sclerosis’ for the past 17 years. I have mild MS but have had it hard as my mother passed away nearly 5 years ago and my father is now in a nursing home as he has Alzheimer’s so life has been quite hard. 
I have been attending Yoga classes with in Shankill for quite a few years now and in that time I have found them very helpful as I have learnt to keep calm and not get too uptight or nervous. The breathing skills have really helped to keep my blood pressure down as I had high blood pressure while I had the worry of my father. Myself and my sister as carers were trying to keep dad at home with us for as long as possible but he went missing on us a fair few times but with the Yoga I was able to cope. 
I enjoy the classes very much even though it is not very strenuous it shows that even slow and simple movements can aid you so much even when I walk to Shankill to the yoga I use the “So” “Ham” mantra while I am walking it keeps my head clear of everyday things that normally run through my mind, and before I know it I’m there. 
Also while I am getting into the shower I use the Trataka practice i.e I place my finger tip on the end of my nose to help with my balance and it works as I can be quite wobbly at times. 
I now have some Yoga blocks at home so that I can continue my practice at home unfortunately the class is ending this week hopefully it will resume after Easter I know a lot of the other yogis that attend would love it to continue its nice to meet other people with MS although I do feel guilty that I am more mobile than some of the others.  
 I love doing the Lion, love the stretch on the tongue it does not want to come back into my mouth. The cobra practice is great both doing it on the floor and in the chair - while I’m at the computer as it makes me feel so straight, my posture has been quite stooped but I feel that I am walking straighter and have a spring in my step.  
 The nidra cd and relaxation tape are also calming and relaxing. My energy levels have improved and my memory has got clearer - not forgetting to do things as much as I did. Many thanks Jean I could not have done it without you (as before I would have just stayed in bed and wallowed in my own self pity, I am doing things for myself now and not depending on other people to do it for me). 

Martina O’Sullivan March 2008

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