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Effective Listening '04

Effective Listening Seminar - Feedback
The following feedback was received from participants during "Effective Listening" a Toastmasters International seminar, which was presented on 1st October 2004 by Adrienne Crowe ATM CL.
What was the most useful part of the workshop?
Participant A.            Taking the time out to think about listening – I the exercises in active listening
Participant B.            The exchanges in the exercises – it focuses attention, causing active participation and is part of the doing of listening and speaking
Participant C.             You posed challenging questions and gave time to reflect
Participant D.            That the leader increased my awareness of the difficulties encountered in being a good listener
Participant E.            The active participation and views of the group
What have you learned that you can use when you return to your home or work? Or that may take more time to integrate?
A.                 A tool bag of techniques and motivation – more time to use the tools
B.                 Listening skills – empathetic judgements, and a warning to take care not to be selective
C.                 The importance of active listening (in relation to personal / work relation ships) – how it facilitates trust, openness and the development of relationships
D.                 I learned techniques for effective listening and blotting out distractions and interruptions
E.                  Not to pre-empt where a topic or speech is going – not to let my own feelings to get in the way of hearing what the other person is saying
What appreciations, resentment or regrets would you like to express about this program before you leave here today?
  1. Useful, manageable size for an evening – Americanisms
  2. It is rounded and comprehensive – like all TI programs it fits neatly into a box, but then it is important to have structure
  3. No resentment or regrets! I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Very interesting, well-structured, well paced, everyone participated
  4. I appreciated the warm, friendly, relaxed atmosphere in carrying out the exercises. Thank you for this.
  5. Nice informal setting conducive to relaxation and participation
What are some tools / skills / ideas that you have now that you did not have when the workshop began?
  1. Reinforced the idea of an active approach
  2. I have more elasticity on skills in listening that are at my disposal that I might apply more attentively and consciously
  3. Raised my awareness of how my communication style impacts on others – what does my thinking / listening face look like?
  4. I have more awareness of what it is to really listen and not just hear
  5. Not to get too ‘hung up’ on the detail – listen for the hidden message
Did the workshop leader meet the objectives of this program in his or her presentation? If not offer suggestions.
  1. Certainly – though I found the workbook a bit distracting trying to figure out the missing words, but useful as well
  2. Very much so
  3. You are a very engaging facilitator! Many thanks for a great workshop and evening
  4. Yes, very much so
  5. Yes

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