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Seated Yoga

From a client 89 going on 90 years old: “I wanted to thank you again for the video clips and the DVD that you made for the seated yoga class. I spend half an hour with you every day! It is much better for me than trying to work out by myself. I enjoy the company and the feeling of being in a group. Never mind that I have been working with the same DVD for years now, I never tire of hearing the same repartee from the class. It is worth all the effort that you put into making it, and I wanted to tell you that. I will be 90 this year and I feel I absolutely have to keep fit to keep going. The video helps me to do that.”

From a client receiving treatment for a brain tumor: "This morning is the first time since the New Year that I have felt energised. I decided I would spend whatever time it took today to sort myself out - i.e deal with tiredness, being grumpy and a bit jumpy. I've spent over an hour doing seated yoga with you (virtually) on your website and I can't believe how much better I feel. So again, thank you for your generous gift of this powerful resource." 

From a client in remission form Cancer;
 "Thank you for your recent text about the good news I got from the oncologist regarding the cancer's progress having been halted. I'm doing well, though never have as much energy in my body as my mind would like me to have. However, it is good to know that I have more time than anyone thought I would have and to be able to enjoy the good things in life. I'm doing the seated yoga from the clips on the website on a regular basis and find it great for keeping me upbeat. The more energetic movements I did with you in class, I'm not so great at. Sometimes the energy to get down on the floor and up again seems that bit too much. However, I always feel terrific afterwards. Maybe we could look at some movements I could do standing up, and I could gradually get myself energised enough to do the floor movements?"
"A brief message to let you know that I am making full use of your DVD and set aside at least one half hour each evening and follow your instructions very carefully.  So far I have not been able to set up a class for the people here due to space problem. However it is in the plan of things andI am confident it will eventually get going.  So once again many thanks for all your help. Hope all goes well for yourself no doubt keeping up the good work." 87 year old resident in sheltered housing keen to use a DVD of the Chair Yoga practice within her community."

"Finally we have been allocated a room on Wednesday  each week and have started the exercise program using your DVD..  The group is small and it works well as the room is small also but all the more intimate for that.  Those attending are very pleased for the moment we only do one half hour weekly followed by a period of Meditation and sharing, which is really good.  So thanks again for your generosity in providing us with the DVD.  Hope all goes well for yourself and wishing your every blessing on your efforts to keep us all mobile." News update from resident now 88.

"No money could pay for the benefit these classes have been for me. I have got back the use of my hand. I can do everything with it again. I am so grateful."

"I never thought I'd be able to live safely independently again - but I've learned so much in these classes and got so much stronger. Thank you."

"I have not been able to use this thumb ever since I caught it in the car door. I've been working on those hand exercises several times a day and would you believe I can not only use it again but I can even begin to feel it again - even the numbness is leaving me."

"I had given up on myself after the stroke - but you have given me back my strength."

"I feel like I 'm 21 again!"

"I can walk down to the pub again - I don't drink but I did miss all the action, and I always get alift back home."

"I can sleep through the night again! I have not been able to do that for years - I just worked away at home on the bit I knew I could remember right and all the pins and needles have left my hands!"

"I can't believe how much action they do or how hard the workout is - how do you do it?" Nurse.

"They really enjoy it - they would not come down from their rooms if they did not" Nurse.

Adrienne teaches gentle exercise  in Community Units for the Older Person several times a week  and in . The clients are often in their 80's or 90's  living independantly or in residental care.  She is available to give one off workshops to groups such as Active Retired. For more information on what informs her approach see her lecture on Yoga during the Golden Years
updated 09 02 2012

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