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Seated / Wheelchair Yoga video clips

Want to know what happens in Seated Yoga? Click on the videos... patience... they might take a moment to load... time for a deep breath!

100% GUARANTEED to improve quality of life DRAMATICALLY     
Adrienne’s SUPPORTIVE APPROACH is informed by her own experience of addressing chronic pain, from working as a professional potter. 
Read feedback from a seminar for yoga teachers

‘A little and often’ improves quality of life! 
Seraph: the yoga studio, 15 Heytesbury Street, Portobello, Dublin 8, D08 A623 Adrienne Crowe
E : info  Mobile:   086 870 7282  
“I feel BETTER, in ways that I no longer believed could be possible. It is WONDERFUL” For more feedback 
Adrienne Crowe (IYA dip) believes that while there is breath in the body, work can be done to maintain, and develop the level of fitness (Irish Times Health Supplement 08/03/05). 

Irish Times: Insight: 24th January 2012: Get the Perfect Fit by Sylvia Thompson

"Yoga is one form of meditative movement that more people with chronic health conditions are turning to. Adrienne Crowe teaches yoga to people with restricted mobility. "One of the restrictions we all have about yoga is that we think it can only be done on a mat, but once you become more open about what yoga can bring, it can be used with any condition to give people a good grasp of themselves," says Crowe, who works from the Seraph yoga studio in Dublin.
"You can work with the breath, meditation and mindfulness even with people who are paralysed from the neck down. When you do yoga with people who can't move at all, you are supporting them to look after the distress of the mind." she says.
"The key is to support people to find a tool they can use if they are in a difficult, tight spot - to breathe through the pain, to take life one breath at a time. I encourage people to have yoga moments. It's so simple yet it gives people such benefit," adds Crowe, who says that there are more yoga teachers offering wider varieties of exercise for people with chronic health problems."

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Feedback from a client

"This morning is the first time since the New Year that I have felt energised. I decided I would spend whatever time it took today to sort myself out - i.e deal with tiredness, being grumpy and a bit jumpy. I've spent over an hour doing seated yoga with you (virtually) on your website and I can't believe how much better I feel. So again, thank you for your generous gift of this powerful resource." 
"Thank you for your recent text about the good news I got from the oncologist regarding the cancer's progress having been halted. I'm doing well, though never have as much energy in my body as my mind would like me to have. However, it is good to know that I have more time than anyone thought I would have and to be able to enjoy the good things in life. I'm doing the seated yoga from the clips on the website on a regular basis and find it great for keeping me upbeat."
"I feel like I have woken up after a hundred years!" From an on-line client who uses the videos on this page