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Yoga for Wheelchair users '08

"I feel like I am waking up after a hundred years asleep, like the Sleeping Beauty."

"I never used to bother with my legs but slowly micro movements are becoming more significant, my back hurts less. Little by little I am living more in my body and feel more alive."

"It is hard to make time for daily practice, but I always do the finger exercises. I find that my neck is much stronger. I can lift it myself now and that is dignity."

"I am studying an undergraduate degree and working full time. Last year I was sick a lot and always late with assignments. I decided to take myself in hand and join the yoga class. This year all my assignments have bee handed in on time and I have had much better health. I do feel that the yoga has really helped me get good results."

"As I use a 'bag' it was really hard to identify my pelvic floor muscles, but I have... and it really helps the bowel movements."

"I love to practice the exercises in the swiming pool - we must try a class in a pool soon."

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