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Location & Facilities

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What's available? is a professional inner-city venue available for rent with two interconnecting rooms for classes, workshops and private groups.
Front room is 5m x 4m with a small lobby around the front door restricting the space to 18 sq m
Back room is 4m x 3.92 sq m a little less than 16 sq m
Opening of connecting doors between the two rooms is 2 m wide
Room for
     25 seats; 25 folding chairs are available or 9 very comfy folding easy chairs or
     12 yoga mats (six in one room and six in the other); (20 mats are available also 40 blocks and 12 straps or
     6 plinths(3 in one room and 3 in the other); 2 plinths are available
It is also my home and has a comfortable, homely energy into which you are most welcome. See the rooms during an exhibition.

Tea and coffee making facilities are available: as are a variety of folding chairs, yoga mats, blocks, 2 plinths, quilts, pillows and blankets. 

 Front room entrance on left   Stove to right of window;

connecting doors to next room Back room

Car Parking is restricted 07:00 – 24:00 seven days a week.
Please, it is most important to use the parking machines across the street or up to the right. Your car is liable to be clamped and / or towed away if illegally parked. 
I sell my own handmade pottery… the pottery studio is also located on the premises. The show room is open by appointment... or by chance10 – 5.00, six days a week. Unfortunately we do not take credit or debit cards.
I teach one Clay Day a month - play dates for grown-ups. (more info)
We have currently two standard poodles, Buddy and Otto who are best left downstairs behind the stair-gate, unfortunately they do not take to strangers.
We have two budgies, Droopy and Chirpy they provide entertainment and noisy-chatter. While they do have a cage it is more of a climbing frame and is never closed; they have freedom to fly in the kitchen but generally stay in designated budgie-space.
Being Eco-worriers we have installed solar powered water heating, the rooms are heated by wood burning stoves - the wood is 'rescued' from wherever we can find it! Packaging waste is curtailed as far as possible. We compost, are mindful of limiting post consumer waste and grow a few veg just to remind ourselves how difficult providing food is - if we had to subsist on what we grow we would have starved long ago!

For those of you that know our dogs and have loved them...
Sri Pancha Poodle passed away in his sleep in April 2012 after a short, aggressive illness. There was a a dramatic mountain rescue at the onset of his illness when he collapsed on An Spinc, the mountain above the upper lake in Glendalough. I don't know what we would have done but for the kindness of strangers, 5 lads helped John carry him 4 km back to the car, down the 600 steps... he was a big dog at 35 kg!
Poor Miss Lucy Poodle had a very short life; Jan 2009 - Feb 2011.She presented as adrenal insufficiency at 21 months, treatment gave her some respite  but basically she was a "non-responding canine Addison's". When she died she was like a 14 year old dog, poor scrap.
Kwotrow passed away on 18th March '09 with great dignity and very peacefully, having lived a very long life of enthusiastic devotion. 
E  T    01 453 9971: M 086 870 7282;,15 Heytesbury Street, Dublin 8  Updated 17th April 2015

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Lucy at 7 months



Pancha and Kwotrow
Poor old Kwotrow died in March 2009
Sadly Miss Lucy Poodle died in Feb 2011 she was only 2 years old
Sri Pancha passed away in his sleep after a short illness April 2012 he was 11


Saving the Planet!
John chops salvaged
wood for the stove.
Compost Bins behind.