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Adrienne's Thursday morning class 07.45 am
"I'm really enjoying the yoga. Your class turns out to be just what I need - some of it I have to work at, some of it I'm capable of, and occasionally I surprise myself by what I can do."
"To my surprise, I'm not finding the early morning Yoga session penitential, and there's a little more more 'give' in my improving hip. It also clears my mind, and I'm keeping those wayward emotions under control!"

Friday Strong Hatha Yoga Invertions class 08.30 am
"I started coming to the class to overcome my fear of headstands. Wow! Amazing poses that make me feel fantastic. I find that each session works my body and releases my mind and emotions better than months of therapy. Yoga helps me to unpack deeply held emotional pain and distress."

Thursday Wheelchair Yoga class (off site) 19.30
"Coming to Yoga has made the difference between successfully completing my BA or whatever the alternative might have been. Stretching, meditation and centering work for me."

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