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Options in moving on

The options available to someone who is seeking ways to move on.
Inappropriate workplace behaviour is all too frequent. It can leave deep wounds in self-confidence, self-esteem and the psyche.
How to retrieve mental health is an issue we attempt to address in Moving On. It may not appear that you have any choices, yet with lateral thinking and support it may be possible to discover some that suit you.
·                      Swallow hard and take it on the chin. The money the job provides is needed, the perpetrator’s behaviour says more about them than about you.
                 Comment;  this is almost impossible. It requires extraordinary maturity.
·                      Fight all the way with solicitors. This will take an unimaginable and terrible toll, both on your physical and mental health, and on your family and friends – truly far greater than you can imagine. Believe us, we have been watching these scenarios unfold for years now. The justice system is a very robust environment where routinely aggressive behaviour is normal. This is very toxic for those in recovery from personality assassination by bullies. We have witnessed people winded even by their own solicitors. If you are seeking ‘Justice’ you will absolutely not find it in the Courts of Law. Justice and Truth are very subjective.
·                      PLEASE get medical assistance in treating the depression, panic attacks, insomnia or other distressing phenomena. While you may not see yourself as someone at risk of mental wellness issues, you are on the ‘At Risk’ list now; but then you probably never thought you would be bullied at work either. All of us have been overwhelmed by our experiences; getting help, helps.
·                      Seek a talk / listening therapist that you feel comfortable with and can trust; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy comes in many forms, some include body work to relieve the physical tensions. There are some low cost services available; we can provide a list.
·                      Do consider that a priest, of whatever denomination, often will listen for free and may even have some training in generalised therapy. If you have ‘had it’ with your own background in religion, try another. There is a hope you will get a compassionate hearing even if they are not able to relate to your situation – you might even strike lucky and find a “good’un”. We have a list of places people have turned for help.
·                      Sometimes groups such as Grow, and Recovery (apologies contact details to be added) are of assistance – there might be a group meeting in your area – try the telephone directory
·                      Learn how to develop skills to control the ‘wild horses’ of the mind. Try out the many forms of meditation, there may be one that suits you – we provide some free at
·                       Maybe learning skills like Reiki or the Metamorphic technique would be your route.
·                      Training in Mediation skills
·                      Naturcalm is a non-prescription herbal remedy (Passiflora) that many of us find useful – Kalms is another for sleep; most chemists have it
·                      Finding some way to get active and stop the negative tapes running
in your head can help; some take up running or organised team sports – anything that gets the heart rate up and the ‘happy’ brain chemicals going.
Whatever you do – go on trying to recreate your life, your energy is badly damaged by your experiences but it can recover.
None of these choices are what you would have wished or intended at this stage of your life and bereavement and grief at the loss of an anticipated future is part of what might be contributing to your distress.
I set up Moving On to assist myself to get my melted head back in order. Thankfully I am really well now and hope you can find your way too.

We are particularly concerned by cases where in-house investigations become toxic and savage in their outcome and effects… yet resolve nothing. We are working to create change and look forward to a day when our experiences will no longer be repeated. We are happy to assist as much as we can with those doing research, at least our experiences might be of some assistance.

I can send you a (homemade) CD of Yoga Nidra - Deep Relaxation that may help in releasing some of the fear and anxiety that may be popping up at unexpected moments. Lack of good quality sleep is a feature that many of us suffer.
I am so sorry that you are in this predicament, and hope that you can find a
way forward somehow.
Very best wishes,
Adrienne Crowe,

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