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Practices to Restore Energy

 Practices to Restore Energy
There are times we find that our energy becomes undermined by our work and family activities; this is a sheet of things that can be done to restore energy levels. It does not pretend to be complete! Please send me what you find works for you so we can extend the list.
Feedback is also greatly appreciated, so send that in too.
Juniper Oil; - (a familiar scent as it is the flavour constituent of gin that makes it, gin!)
Use on hands and neck when going into situations that are likely to drain you. As with all aromatherapy oils only use this one if you enjoy it. Different brands of Juniper will often smell different, because of difference in processing or terroir, as with grapes. Juniper oil can be used in the bath, as massage oil in conjunction with other oils, on the aroma burner etc. It is unfortunately one of the more expensive oils, but worth it.
Salt Bath; Epsom or Sea salt
Many people swear by a good head-clearing swim in the sea, whatever the time of year. You can get a good effect also in your own bathroom with Epsom salts (available by the 500gms – 5kg in chemists on request) or with table salt, preferably sea salt. You can use a good dollop, a couple of tablespoons.

Salt has a reputation as a cleanser and purgative – works on the energy too.

We have a little bowl of salt in the treatment rooms – for placebo effect! If, in our heads, it does something to keep the energy clear – well why not! We also sweep salt over the floors from time to time to ‘clear the energy’ – Hocus-pocus! But there you go – if it makes us believe the place is nicer to work in then, maybe it is!
Salt scrub both Neals Yard and Gallunac do salt scrubs – I use some to create a sense of ‘closure’ on whatever sense of grief or emotional pain I have been immersed in, no disrespect to my clients! You can make your own with Epsom salts, Almond oil and essential oils like lavender and juniper
Ginger Bath (this treatment comes from the Far East, from the rice paddies – imagine you have been stooped up to your knees in water all day!)
Using dry powdered ginger (I buy it in bulk from the Asian supermarkets) run a couple of tablespoons into the bath and let it irritate the skin. You will be amazed that you skin does not turn red – it feels it! Also remember to get out when you feel that the bath must be cold, although it will still feel hot. If you can, leave the powdered ginger on your skin – if necessary rinse it off under the shower. Dry yourself off with an old towel because of possible ginger stains. Wrap your self in a fluffy dry towel – hop into bed and sweat it out!
Great for any muscle strain, any time you have overdone it and need total restoration and a sauna is not available.
Castor Oil Bath (castor oil is very hard to get – we generally have it in stock as I get it from a veterinary supplier by the 5 litre – so bring an empty bottle, since I have more oil, than empty bottles!)
Known as a purgative when taken internally, it also has a great reputation as an energy cleanser too.
Add a good dollop to the bath – couple of tablespoons and let it ease all the tension away. Makes the bath very slippery so take care! Leaves a film of oil on your skin, which is just great for it. Either rub yourself off with an old towel that won’t mind the oil, or shower the oil off. The oil washes out of sheets and towels in a non-fast colours wash with a good quality detergent.
Castor oil pack; - very relaxing – pour some castor oil on a small raggy piece of cotton towel / worn out tee shirt etc (it is thrown out afterwards – I put it on the compost heap) if desperate use facial tissue or loo paper, but cotton is nicer. Place it on the lower belly, below the navel – place some cling film over to protect your clothes form the oil and a hot water bottle goes on top. Make sure that the hottie is not too hot or has a cover on it as the oil can burn if it gets too hot. Drift off to the Land of Nod listening to your favourite music or relaxation tape.
Good for relieving acute anxiety and insomnia – great feel-good factor
Castor oil sunbath; - in India millions of women warm some garlic and peppercorns in some castor oil and massage it into their skin before lying in the sun for half a hour. I find it very lethargy inducing. Lacking in sun here in Ireland, I have tried it in front of the fire and that is good too. Great for very dry skin
Rose oil / Jasmine Oil / Neroli oil / Sandalwood oil; -
All hopelessly expensive but well worth it as you need very little; each is a mood enhancer and one of them will be the right one for you: use diluted in a little Almond oil on the wrists or neck to transform you mood.
Incense and Smudge Stick smoke; - Some forms of incense seem to better than others for clearing ‘toxic’ energy. I like the Tibetan Green Tara in particular for this.
White Sage leaves tied in a Smudge Stick or burnt loose in a suitable container are also considered good to clear a room.
Visualizing energy; - crazy as it can sound, add an extra ‘quality’ to getting dressed in the morning by investing your clothes with the power to ‘protect’ you. They are not just there to keep you warm or make you look good – they are a ‘membrane’ of protection between you and the world. Hocus-pocus, sure – but if it works…
Nocebo effect; - so we know about the placebo effect, but do you tune into the nacebo effect? This is where we unconsciously give ourselves negative feed back – always easier to notice in others than it is to catch in your self. Be on the alert for priming yourself to find a situation exhausting / depleting / enervating etc. and see what can be done to protect your self actively, in advance – light a candle with that intent or put on some Juniper oil – or other oil / whatever, with that intent. Sometimes we get what we expect – call it projection / self-fulfilling prophesy or looking at the world through the ‘wrong lens’. Once you are angry / exhausted / depressed etc and up to your neck in it, it is very hard to climb out of the mire onto dry ground: but if we can begin to notice that the ground is boggy… that is the time to try to step back and try another track, or put on your energetic wellies.
Great phrases to use are; -
Ø      Let me get back to you on that
Ø      Good things happen, bad things happen but I can choose how I feel
Ø      In any moment it is possible to live the next moment differently
Ø      I can take back control of my energy by…
Ø      Nothing ‘out there’ can tarnish my inner energy / goodness / passion for life
(yogic sleep); -
There are many versions of Yoga Nidra available through ashrams and yoga outlets. We make some that are free-to-copy: they have a great reputation for releasing deeply held emotional issues that short circuit our energy.
Relaxation tapes and audio teaching
Lots on the market find, what suits you – we find Caroline Myss’ audio teaching great for identifying what it is that is blocking the ability to release and relax.