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Adrienne Crowe

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Resident potter and proprietor of Seraph, Adrienne developed occupational damage to her back and hands which led to developing an interest in personal pain management.  Over time curiosity led on to qualifications in Reflexology (ISR & SRI 1992), Shiatsu (ISS1993), and Yoga (IYA 2002), she trained in Thai Massage (Chris Huey 2000 & Nabin Thapa 2001) and now leads a varied life combining her interests over various fields.
She teaches three workshops a year in the pottery studio, and makes bespoke studio pottery to commission and to her ‘whim’ (when time allows). Her pottery is available on site in the basement, in Sevenoaks and Steel in Bray and the Latin Quarter in Redcross, Co Wicklow.
She has developed Age Well Yoga, a gentle Yoga practice, which can be adapted to any age group or circumstance of health; as long as you have breath in your body and the capability to move, even the tiniest, restricted movement, then it is within your gift, to yourself, to practice Yoga. classes are for those of restricted mobility.
are held in another venue. Feedback.
On the web site you can find a lecture on Yoga During The Golden Years. This was prepared at the request of the Health Promotion Service, and is delivered during Pain Management Seminars to the Health Service Executive staff. There is also a lecture on Hand Massage on the web site, also for the HPS.

She teaches Age Well Yoga in Seraph and in Bell Villa community unit for the older person, as well as giving courses on request in other venues.
Adrienne’s interest in the suffering of the mind led to research back into the Upanishads, and is distilled in a series of papers . 
In 2009 she was invited to give a series of lectures on Yoga for those of Restricted Mobility at the European Congress of Yoga.
Her Yoga courses at Seraph are calendar month long, leading one into another.  

E  T   353 1 453 9971, 15 Heytesbury Street, Portobello, Dublin 8 (map)

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