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11.00 – 12.15; Seated Yoga for those of restricted movement very gentle - Specially suitable for senior fitness, beginners welcome; need to be able to ascend 1 flight of steps; 4 classes €50;drop in €15 Adrienne Crowe (IYA dip) 01-453 9971 M 086 870 7282 read feedback  
To see 14 videos of the class click here 

18: 15 – 19:45; Gentle Hatha Yoga Class: Active 40’s plus and those that love that meditative, mellow experience
; deep and gentle with meditaiton; Adrienne Crowe (IYA dip) 01-453 9971; M 086 870 7282: small classes; 4 week courses each calendar month; €50: drop in €15  

20:00 – 21:30; Gentle Hatha Yoga Class: Active 40’s plus and those that love that meditative, mellow experience; deep and gentle with meditation; Adrienne Crowe (IYA dip) 01-453 9971; M 086 870 7282: small classes; 4 week courses each calendar month €50; drop in €15  
Adrienne’s Yoga classes  in October: this month we begin the class lying on three blocks, gently releasing tension out of the shoulders before moving on to loosen the spine and hips; balance postures present the usual challenges before some range of movement work with the shoulders… and so it goes in our ambition to Keep Using It! Throughout the class we seek to engage the front of the body, by using the three Bandhas to lift and stabilise the trunk and protect the back. In the hopes of having practices-that-can-be-useful at our finger tips, we revise Ujjai Breath, tr. Victorious… over what? Over our poor overactive mind, I suspect… “Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind”. This is the most ancient definition of the practice; not exercise but finding stillness within. Expect to feel the champagne rush of energy to the hands and feet and… hopefully a deep sense of stillness and compassionate peace. 
Evening class includes 15 min Yoga Nidra relaxation. 

 E: T:  01 453 9971   M 086 870 7282; 15 Heytesbury Street ,Dublin 8 (map)


Feedback on the benefit of Seated Yoga

From a client who practices yoga at home with the selection of videos on this web site.
"I'm doing well, though never have as much energy in my body as my mind would like me to have. However, it is good to know that I have more time than anyone thought I would have and to be able to enjoy the good things in life. I'm doing the seated yoga from the clips on the website on a regular basis and find it great for keeping me upbeat."

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