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07:45 – 08:45 am; Early Morning Gentle Hatha Yoga Class: Active 40’s plus and those that love that meditative, mellow experience Adrienne Crowe (IYA dip)   01-453 9971;M 086 870 7282 ; 4 week course each calendar month €40; drop in €12    
18:30 - 19:30 Kundalini Yoga with Gayle Norman Mobile: 0879696928 

Adrienne’s Yoga classes in November brings a practice that seeks to assist in maintaining healthy hip joints, while retaining aspects of shoulder release and strengthening abs and the upper back developed last month. As we move into whatever level of stillness is available to us, we can notice the thoughts that arise, and seek equanimity, find some sort of inner balance as the mind/emotions play out the drama that is life.

Evening class includes 15 min Yoga Nidra relaxation. 

 E: T:   01 453 9971  M 086 870 7282 15 Heytesbury Street Dublin 8

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