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Sevak Dharma

What is Sevak Dharma?
The ethos for this tiny ashram was found in the passage quoted below. With absolute simplicity this sums up the Path of Yoga.

“Who am I? I am nothing! Five feet two inches tall – one heart attack and Hari Om Tat Sat! A man dies after falling from a rickshaw, yet he thinks he is great. He is so egoistic, so full of pride and vanity! One may engage his vanity before others, but he has to go like a child, without any clothes before God. And I don’t mean you leave your pants off… Firstly God can only be reached by love. There is no other way. Secondly God will meet you only if he wishes to, not by your wish, nor because you have tried all the methods. There is no method… all the methods written about… are just said because we have to do something….  

“After years and years of searching and hard work, I have discovered my relationship with God… “From the physical point of view I am Your servant. From the spiritual point of view, I am a part of You. But as far as reality is concerned, you and I are one.” “That’s it!” I told myself.
“The Duty of a Servant is to do what the master orders. If he asks you to sweep the filth, you must do it. A servant does not have a choice of his own. If He asks me to do Japa I will do it. If He asks me to do Pooja to Tulsi I will do it. If he asks me to leave Rikhia, I will go. I have made up my mind that I will do all that He asks me. Now I have discovered my relationship with God, and it fits my personality exactly. Now, life is an expression of service for Him. Kabir has said:
A servant is one who serves always.
Kabir says that without service,
One can never be a servant.
The servant and the master should be of one mind.
The view of the servant should merge
With that of the master.
The Lord is not pleased with cunning.
He is pleased with the emotion of the mind.
In the store of the Lord,
There is no shortage.
If the devotees do not get their desires,
Their service is at fault.
“Whatever He says, I will do. He will say what is necessary. If he says that he will give me grace to tear asunder all the seven curtains, so that I may see the eternal light and become one with him, or if he makes me become a lunatic, it is alright…. We are fellow travellers, meeting on a railway platform, and nobody has any real link with anybody else. We have only one link and that is with God. This is true for everyone. The relationship of mother, father, sister, brother and social relationships, are for dealings of the world. The real relationship is only with God… To get to God, it is simply necessary to learn to love.”

Bhakti Yoga Sagar; Satsangs with Swami Satyananda Saraswati Volume 1 p.336

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