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Gayle Norman

I stepped into my first yoga class 15 years ago stiff as a board and wary of what was in store. I soon realised that yoga was about so much more than being able to touch your toes. The depth of calm and strength that it brought to my life lead me to complete a Hatha Yoga teacher training with Yoga Vidya in Kerala, India in 2012. Not long after this I stumbled across Kundalini yoga and was hooked!
Kundalini yoga is a powerful, transformative and healing practice which incorporates breathing exercises, physical postures, hand positions, sound and meditation. This combination of elements is designed to balance the chakras, enhance the nervous system and glands, build physical and spiritual strength while integrating the flow of energy through the body. Kundalini yoga is described as the yoga of the house-holder, meaning it is a practical, down-to-earth tool kit for everyday life. It helps to reduce stress and revitalise the body and mind in order to meet the challenges of daily life with strength and grace.
This year I embarked on a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training which really has had a profound effect my overall health and well being. I am passionate about sharing these tools with others so we can all live full, happy lives.
Please join me on Thursdays from 6.30pm - 7.30pm commencing November 5th.
Email with any questions or for futher info:
Mobile: 087 9696928
Introductory offer until February 2016
€8 drop in
€30 for 4 Weeks
€45 for 6 weeks

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