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FAQ about classes

Thank you for your interest in classes at Seraph.
Seraph is not affiliated to any religious or spiritual teaching
Hatha Yoga classes
If you are "dropping in" to Adrienne's classes check the website to see if the class is on that day… sometimes she takes holidays…
Mats are provided - they are washed every few months. Little blankets, eye bags and blocks are also available.
All of the classes here are small, gentle and inclusive of beginners, except the inverted posture class that Adrienne teaches on Fridays (head stands and hand stands etc).
Adrienne's classes: You are welcome to drop in to any class, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, Wednesday lunchtime, early mornings on Thursday or Friday. You can join a course at any time.
You can pay by the class or pay for a block of four consecutive classes
The same content is taught in all the sessions with the exception of Tuesday's seated class
You can move between attendance at one class or another.
The classes are meditative, focussing on the inner dynamics with lying relaxation at the end of the lunchtime and evening classes. Postures can be taken gently or with vigour and strength depending on the client's needs. Clients are encouraged to ‘listen in’ and always have the option of lying on the floor of they feel that they wish to do so.
Expect nurturung pain-free yoga, there is nothing gastly or torturous about Adrienne's practice. Being over 60 herself, with many of the clients also moving through the senior years, especially in the seated yoga practice, everyone is encouraged to take care of themselves (no boot camp). Younger folk also find the classes meet their needs.
Adrienne has been teaching Yoga since 2001
Anne L'Henoret Areas of expertise & personal experience include: Cancer, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stress Relief, RSI and other postural problems, Corporate Health (desk ergononomics in particular), Scoliosis, Sacro Iliac Joint Dysfunction, Energy Levels issues, Digestive Problems, Nutrition, Energetic Effects of Yoga Practice.
Meditation Classes with regard to the groups that hire the use of the rooms to meet and sit - for further information please contact the coordinators directly.
Friendly disclaimer; the management of Seraph does not necessarily share the views and opinions expressed by all those that use this space.
E: T:   01 453 9971 15 Heytesbury Street Dublin 8 (map)

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