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Yoga Articles

 Yoga related articles by Adrienne  
- Yogic cleansing techniques 2002 IYA diploma
Ekadashi - fasting to clear the energy body 2003
Yoga During The Golden Years 2005a paper given to the Health Promotion Service of the HSE in 2005
- the path of Service
Granthis - Psychic Knots - 2009 delivered at IYA residential
Surya Namaskar mantras
DRAFT - 2009 to be delivered at the European Yoga Convention
Yogic Paradigms Of the Mind 2003
Part 1: Pancha Kosha (Five Cells)
Part 2: Akasha (Spaciousness)
Part 3: Chaturtha Avastha (The Four States Of Perception)
Part 4: Chaturtha Vibhaga (The Four Divisions of the Mind)


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