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Anne L'Henoret

Anne's classes are on Mondays; she requires clients to make a commitment to blocks of 12 weeks, paid in advance
Soon after Anne first went to a Yoga class it quickly became her greatest passion. Through teaching others she shares the techniques she finds useful for her own physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Her style is thorough, grounded in personal practice, solid formal training and strong ethics, yet there is always fun to be had in her classes too!

For her it is simply about doing Yoga together to enhance the joys of this human life, and reduce its pains.

Areas of expertise & personal experience include: Cancer, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stress Relief, RSI and other postural problems, Corporate Health (desk ergononomics in particular), Scoliosis, Sacro Iliac Joint Dysfunction, Energy Levels issues, Digestive Problems, Nutrition, Energetic Effects of Yoga Practice. 
Additionally she is trained in Massage and Nutrition Therapy to Distinction ITEC standards, and in Reiki II.

Contact 087 954 5777

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